Tiger Computers RepairTerms and Conditions

Tiger Computers Bridlington and its staff agree not to disclose to any third party any information or data files stored on or recovered from any equipment.

We reserve the right to amend the content of our website and/or our documentation at any time without prior notice. Published fees for services, repairs and or products are subject to change without prior notice. Tiger Computers Bridlington reserves the right to change their terms and conditions at anytime without prior notice.

Payment is due in full upon completion of a successful repair, prior to the release of the equipment. We will accept payment by cash, cheque and all major credit and debit cards.

If you require a home or business call out this will incur additional charges which will be conveyed in the quotation for the repairs. Home or business call outs are subject to availability of suitable engineers and allocated on a first come, first serve basis. Online requests will be confirmed by either telephone or by email. In the event when we cannot make the appointment at the agreed time due to factors beyond our control you will be contacted in advance advising you of the situation and re-schedule an appointment as soon as reasonably possible at a mutually convenient time.

If you wish, you have the right to cancel your service or repair request. A full refund will be offered for any payments made in advance.

At the time of the order, we will endeavour to confirm a time scale for the service or repairs. There may be instances when the delivery of the service cannot be achieved due to circumstances beyond our control. All delivery times indicated should be considered approximate and we will not be held liable for compensation, damages due to a late or non-delivery.

If equipment is delivered back to the Client in a damaged or faulty state you must inform us within 30 days of the fault. We will arrange collection and repairs at our cost. If you fail to inform us within 30 days, we shall have no liability for the goods damaged on delivery.

Any equipment left with Tiger Computers Bridlington and unclaimed for 8 weeks, will be disposed of to recover our costs incurred while carrying out a service or repair. After this period, Tiger Computers shall have no liability to the Client or any third party.

The Client understands and accepts that some software applications may no longer work correctly after a repair has taken place. This may be due to the installation of the latest hardware or software.

It is therefore the Client’s responsibility to reinstall or reconfigure these applications unless otherwise stated. Tiger Computers Bridlington will make every possible effort to preserve the Client’s data and files, however it should be noted that there are NO GUARANTEES whatsoever that the Clients data and files will remain intact after the repairs. it is therefore the Client's sole responsibility to ensure that all data and/or information stored on any and all equipment requiring repairs is appropriately backed up to other storage devices prior to handing over for repairs. Charges will be incurred if Tiger Computers Bridlington has to perform a lengthy backup procedure to protect the Clients own data in order to complete the repairs. We cannot be held responsible for the following during the repairs: Loss or corruption of data, files, information or records; Any loss of business goodwill, Any losses attributed to the interruption to business activity while equipment is out of service for repairs, Failure by the Client to follow our reasonable recommendations instructions and advice to back up data, Any losses you may suffer arising from failure to use anti-virus software, Any loss considered to be unforeseeable. Whilst Tiger Computers Bridlington shall make every effort to preserve the integrity of equipment left for repair, the Client agrees not to hold Tiger Computers Bridlington liable for any accidental damage to the said equipment including but not limited to – casing cracks, scratches, deformations, theft of the equipment etc. Additionally Tiger Computers Bridlington cannot be held liable for any loss of data, loss of revenue or profits, or any incidental, contingent, or consequential damages, howsoever caused either prior, during a service or upon completion of a service. Tiger Computers Bridlington liability of any kind with respect to services undertaken, including any negligence on its part, shall be limited to the contract price for the services provided. Furthermore, should Tiger Computers Bridlington, its employees or agents offer any advice or recommendations to a Client as to the use of computer equipment, storage, use of software applications confirmed by whatever means is used entirely at the Clients own risk and accordingly Tiger Computers Bridlington shall not be held liable for any such losses associated with such advice or recommendations.

Tiger Computers Bridlington provides a 30 day warranty on labour only repairs carried out on computer equipment requested by the Client. Tiger Computers Bridlington makes no warranty for data or computer files either expressed or implied. Tiger Computers Bridlington disclaims any data warranty of any kind. If the same problem re-occurs within 30 days of the original repair, Tiger Computers Bridlington will undertake the repair again without charge. However, charges will be incurred should additional parts are required. This warranty excludes faults caused by viruses or software issues.

Damage to a computer system or its components supplied by Tiger Computers Bridlington under a repair contract caused by a power surge or spikes, including but not limited to mains power and telecoms connections or other unspecified sources e.g. voltage fluctuation, amperage fluctuation, water ingress are not covered under the warranty. Furthermore, the warranty does not cover for any loss or damage due to negligence, mishandling, accidents, theft, water flooding, war outbreak, electrical storms, fire outbreak, earthquakes, or any other act of God.

During the performance of our services, we may affect a manufacturer’s warranty validity. It is the Clients responsibility to determine the consequences of our services on any manufacturer's warranty and take the appropriate action necessary. Tiger Computer Bridlington's “No Fix - No Fee” policy means that if an Engineer cannot fix the problem with the equipment or does not possess the necessary technical skills, knowledge or ability to resolve the problem or effect the repair, then in this instance there is a “No Charge” for the services provided to the Client. It is at our Engineers discretion whether or not a repair is possible. It is agreed however that we must be given sufficient time and access to the equipment to diagnose the problems.

All contracts formed between Tiger Computers Bridlington and the Client shall be governed by and construed in accordance with and governed by the laws of Great Britain. Each party agrees that any disputes not resolved by the normal complaints procedure will be submitted to the court within the jurisdiction of Great Britain.


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